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The Duronic BS201 scales let you save up to 8 user profile weights. For each person, you can do a weight comparison based on your previous weight. If your weight is lower than the last time you weighed yourself then the display will turn green. It turns blue if there is no change and red if the weight is more than last time you weighed yourself.

This feature helps you track your progress easily; even if you don’t remember your last measurement.

It has four high precision sensors to give you accurate reading every time.

However, to get accurate reading the scales must be used on flat hard surface, i.e. tiled, wooden flooring or concrete.

Please do not use our scales on carpets as this will give you incorrect reading.

The scales automatically switch on when you step on and automatically shut down when not it use (180KG capacity with 0.1kg graduation).



Large LCD display size: 75 x 30mm to let you easily read the display.

Uses 2 X AAA batteries, measures in kg | lb | st units. 1 year warranty Included with all Duronic Bathroom scales.