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Bathroom Wall Heater BFH21

If you have a bathroom without a radiator, or perhaps you do have one and it's just not enough to warm up the room to your liking, then this bathroom wall heater will be perfect for you.

There is nothing worse than getting undressed for a bath or shower in a cold room or coming out of a warm bath into the cold air. Well, at Duronic we have found the ideal solution for you!

From the moment you switch on this wall heater, warm air will start to blow out from the downflow vent and quickly warm up the area around it. After a few minutes, the room will be much warmer and cosy, so you will no longer dread walking into the cold bathroom.

Thanks to its customisable heat settings, this electric heater can be used on high power (2000W) or low power (1000W). In addition to this, the BFH21 fan heater boasts many more features to make your life easier...


Anti-Frost Function

The BFH21 has an anti-frost function.

This is to protect the heater should the surrounding temperature drop below 5 degrees, the heater will switch on to protect the heaters elements and warm the surrounding area until it reaches 5 degrees or more.

Child Safety Lock

We know buttons can be too tempting for curious little hands!

For added safety there is a child lock function to prevent any settings being altered while the heater is on.

In addition to this, we recommend that the heater is installed at a height that is out of reach of children.

Rated IP24 Protection

Rated as IP24, this heater meets the criteria confirming that it protects from fingers or objects being inserted accidentally into the device.
This rating also means that the heater is protected against accidental water splashes.

In addition to this, the heater is ERP LOT 20 EcoDesign Compliant.

Window Open Detection

Unique to this model, the BFH21 has a Window Open Detection feature that detects when either a window or door is open and consequently allowing the heat to dissipate to quickly. IF the heater detects that despite blowing out consistent hot air the room’s temperature isn’t increasing properly, it will automatically switch off to save itself power and from overworking.

Size & Dimensions

For easy installation this heater has a fixture on the back to allow you to fix it onto a wall using a screw and raw plug.

The heater measures 38 x 29 cm so does not take up much space on your bathroom wall.

A remote control is included which makes using the heater easier and more convenient.

Low Profile Design

Also important to it's design is the profile of the heater; no one wants a huge object protruding from the wall!

We have kept the design as low-profile as possible so that it does not get in the way.

There is also a gap at the back of the heater which ensures it keeps a small space between the fan and the wall to prevent overheating.

Easy-Touch Control Pad

Designed to be easy to use, the control pad allows you to carry out the basic functions like switch on/off the heater, adjust the temperature and change the power level.

Additional features such as the programmable modes, timer function, and the window open detector can be activated by using the remote control.

Programmable Modes

Customise the pre-set modes to ensure your bathroom is kept at the temperature you like when you want it. You may only want the heater on in the mornings, or evenings or perhaps even just weekends. Schedule and save up to 5 different modes.

PLEASE NOTE: We advise users to not plug the heater into an extension lead or power adapter as the heater is too powerful for it. Using an extension lead or adapter with this heater is a fire hazard and may cause damage to the heater or the user. Additionally, an electrical extension lead is not safe to use in a bathroom environment.