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Short Product Description

A POCKET SOLAR RADIO FOR EASY PORTABILITY - The Duronic wind up radio has a sleek and compact handheld design, making it a versatile portable wind up radio and convenient for on-the-go use. With dimensions measuring 7.3(H) x 13(W) x 4.2(D) cm, this battery free AM FM solar radio is the perfect size to slip into your travel bags or backpacks. Whether you're commuting, travelling, or enjoying outdoor activities, enjoy your favourite music, news, or podcasts with this handy pocket wind up radio.

SOLAR RADIO CHARGING PANEL – The portable Duronic rechargeable solar radio is equipped with a built-in solar panel, providing an eco-friendly and efficient method for recharging the AM FM solar radio. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this portable wind up radio's integrated solar panel offers a convenient way to replenish its power supply while on the go. Whether you're camping or hiking, the solar radio harnesses solar energy to recharge, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment and communication.

WHAT CAN YOU LISTEN TO USING THIS WIND UP RADIO? With this compact battery free wind up radio, enjoy the freedom to select between FM and AM channels wherever you are. Whether you seek entertainment, music, or news and talk shows, simply utilise the AM FM switch to flip between bandwidths. The tuning knob located on the side can be used to browse through channels and select your desired station using the sliding display.

HOW TO CHARGE THE WIND-UP RADIO OUTDOORS? This Duronic outdoor wind up radio is battery free with built-in rechargeable batteries that charge in 3 ways. It charges through solar power and can be charged manually using the crank handle. The third way to charge the radio is by using the USB adapter into the USB port which is versatile and can be done anywhere.

WHAT ELSE DOES THE RECHARGEABLE AM FM SOLAR RADIO FEATURE? - Engineered for easy use and versatility, this eco-friendly rechargeable wind up radio features intuitive controls like a turning knob to control which station to listen to and an on off volume knob for effortless sound adjustment. With its dual AM FM switch, listen to different stations covering news to music. Ideal for simplicity and excellence, this solar radio also includes a headphone jack for personal listening enjoyment.

WHAT CAN YOU USE THIS SOLAR POWERED RADIO FOR?  This portable wind up radio is perfect to take beach trips or on walks outside. It’s also great to take camping, hiking, and caravanning. It provides entertainment and music that can be listened to in more rural areas and whilst travelling. In the case of an emergency, it would also assist in staying up to date with what’s happening. The extendable antenna can be used to adjust the frequency and help to improve audio quality even in rural areas.

SPECIFICATIONS - This Hybrid solar powered radio features an LED indicator light for charging status and a 3.5mm headphone jack. It offers FM reception from 88 to 108 MHz and AM reception from 530 to 1650 KHz. Powered by a 300mAh/2.4V internal battery, it provides up to 7 hours of playback when fully charged. Charging options include 1 minute of cranking for 20 minutes of playback, 5 hours of solar charging for 30 minutes of playback, or 20-30 hours of solar charging for 7 hours of playback.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Solar Powered Rechargeable Wind Up AM FM Radio HYBRID

Introducing the hybrid wind up solar powered portable radio, your go-to companion for outdoor adventures and everyday listening. This compact, rechargeable solar-powered outdoor wind-up AM/FM pocket radio is sustainable and the perfect choice for seamless, high-quality audio and with the built-in extendable antenna, ensuring crystal-clear reception wherever you go. Switch effortlessly between AM/FM stations to catch up on news updates, talk shows, or your favourite tunes.

With its 3-way charging capability, this radio is truly versatile. Charge it under the sun's rays using the solar panel, via USB cable for convenience, or manually with the hand crank handle – no batteries required! Perfect for camping trips, beach days, hikes, or simply relaxing in the garden. With this windup radio, be prepared for emergencies with weather warnings and emergency broadcasts. Stay connected and stay safe with this wind up solar radio.

With the hybrid wind up solar powered portable radio, enjoy reliable, sustainable, and compact audio entertainment on the go. Stay connected, entertained, and safe, no matter where you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the hybrid solar powered radio work?
The hybrid solar powered radio converts sunlight into electrical energy to power itself or charge its battery. It also offers wind-up and USB charging options for versatility.

What's the battery life on this wind up battery-free radio? Once fully charged, the internal 300mAh battery provides up to 7 hours of playback time.

Can it charge other devices? This model is designed for personal use with a focus on portability and convenience, and does not include functionality to charge other devices.

How effective is it in emergencies? With AM/FM capabilities, multiple charging options, and a built-in LED indicator for charging status, it's a reliable tool for staying informed during power outages or emergencies.

Can I listen to AM/FM stations? Yes, it tunes into both AM (530-1650KHz) and FM (88-108 MHz) bandwidths, with an extendable antenna to improve reception.

How can I optimise solar charging? For best results, charge initially using the mains power using the USB function until full power, after that, place in sunlight to allow the battery to top up naturally as and when needed.

How Do You Charge This Compact Wind Up Solar Powered Radio?

Wind-up Radio Handle for Charging

Experience unparalleled convenience with the wind-up handle charging feature of our rechargeable radio. Just one minute of cranking provides a remarkable 20 minutes of playtime, ensuring continuous entertainment without the need for external power sources. Ideal for emergencies, this reliable charging method ensures you'll never be without music or information when you need it most.

Charge Using the Solar Panel by Leaving in the Sun

Make the most of the sun's energy with our outdoor radio's solar panel charging function. While it may take a bit longer, the solar panel continuously charges as long as it receives sunlight. An indicator light signals when charging is in progress, enabling you to know when the radio is being charged. Plus, you can charge the outdoor pocket radio while using it, making it perfect for extended outdoor adventures or emergencies.

Charge Pocket Radio by Connecting to a USB Socket

Charge this compact solar powered portable radio conveniently via USB, offering versatility and ease. Connect to your phone or PC for effortless charging. A full charge provides an impressive 7 hours of uninterrupted playtime, ensuring continuous entertainment wherever you go.

What Other Features Does This Compact Battery Free AM FM Radio Offer?

Personalised Listening Experience

Indulge in uninterrupted listening experiences with this compact radio's standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Simply plug in your headphones to enjoy personalised entertainment without disturbing others. Dive into your favourite music, news, or podcasts, all with exceptional clarity and convenience.

Simple and Easy to Use controls

Experience effortless usability with this convenient and versatile radio's clearly labelled dials and intuitive AM/FM switch. Easily navigate between stations and adjust settings with confidence, ensuring a seamless listening experience every time.

Portable and Lightweight for Convenient Travelling

Experience ultimate portability with this pocket radio's small, compact, and lightweight design. Its non-slip casing ensures secure handling, allowing you to take it anywhere with ease. Whether you're camping, hiking, or relaxing at home, enjoy your favourite stations wherever you go.

What benefits do pocket radios offer for outdoor activities?

Duronic pocket radios, with their sleek and compact design, offer the ultimate convenience for outdoor enthusiasts. Measuring just 7.3(H) x 13(W) x 4.2(D) cm, they're the perfect size for slipping into travel bags or backpacks. These radios not only provide access to your favourite music, news, and podcasts but are also invaluable in emergencies, helping you stay up to date with the latest information. The Duronic radio’s portability and functionality make it an essential tool for camping, hiking, and traveling.

Are solar-powered radios a worthwhile investment? Investing in a Duronic solar-powered radio is highly worthwhile, especially for outdoor aficionados. Equipped with a built-in solar panel, it offers a way to recharge the radio, ensuring you have continuous access to entertainment and information. This feature is particularly beneficial for camping, hiking, or any outdoor activities where traditional power sources are scarce, making it a practical solution for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

How do solar-powered portable radios work, and what are their advantages? Duronic solar-powered portable radios work by utilizing a built-in solar panel to convert sunlight into electricity, charging the internal battery. This method offers significant advantages, including the elimination of the need for disposable batteries and the ability to recharge the radio anywhere sunlight is available. Ideal for outdoor activities, the Duronic radio provides up to 7 hours of playback when fully charged, with charging options that include 1 minute of cranking for 20 minutes of playback or 5-30 hours of solar charging. Its sustainable and convenient charging methods make it a superior choice for outdoor enthusiasts