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Short Product Description

HOW DO YOU CHARGE A SOLAR POWERED WIND UP RADIO? This solar powered wind up radio can be charged up in three ways including using solar power through solar panels, USB cable and the crank handle to wind up. With these options, it ensures a reliable power source, ideal for emergencies. For optimal charging, occasionally use the USB cable to fully charge the solar radio, and then allow the solar panels to keep topping up the charge.

VERSATILITY WITH BUILT-IN TORCH AND ALARM – This solar radio has a built-in torch, this compact outdoor wind up radio offers convenience with the press of a button. Ideal for rural settings, it provides light as daylight fades, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or outdoor activities in the garden. Additionally, its solar-powered functionality ensures continuous operation, whilst the built-in alarm feature adds versatility for use at home or whilst travelling.

COMPACT SIZE FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE - Compact and portable solar radio, this handheld wind up radio's compact size ensures it can effortlessly slip into various bags, making it a convenient addition to your packing list. Whether you’re going for a hike or a walk, this solar radio is perfect to have on hand in the case of emergencies providing you with the necessary information when needed. Moreover, being solar-powered and weighing only 300g adds to its versatility and convenience.

HASSLE-FREE WITH EASY CONTROLS - With its easy-to-understand button features, individuals of all ages and technological levels can navigate this solar radio freely and comfortably. No need for complex menus or tutorials; simply press buttons to adjust volume, change stations, or set alarms with ease. Offering quick and convenient access to all essential functions, this wind up radio ensures a hassle-free experience for users, whether at home, in the car, at work, or outdoors.

SPECIFICATIONS - LED indicator light to show when it’s charging. 3.5mm headphone jack socket. 37cm telescopic antenna. Reception scope of the FM: 87-108 MHz. Reception scope of the AM: 520-1620KHz. Internal built-in battery: 300mAh/3.6V. When fully charged the battery will give you 7-9 hours radio playback or 4-6 hours flashlight. Charging Times: Cranking/wind up 1 minute = 18-27 minutes radio OR 27-36 minutes light. Solar charge: full charge achieved in 35-42 hours. Can also be charged by USB.

Enhanced Description

Duronic AM/FM Solar Powered Torch Radio APEX

Introducing the Duronic APEX solar powered wind up radio, a lightweight and compact device that is a must-have when camping, hiking and is perfect for travel, fitting easily into your bag or suitcase. Despite its small size, the Duronic solar powered torch radio doesn't compromise on sound quality, delivering clear audio that brings your favourite tunes or radio shows to life. This radio ensures great reception, picking up both AM and FM stations with ease, so you can enjoy all your favourite broadcasts. Equipped with an extendable antenna, this solar powered radio boosts signal strength, ensuring uninterrupted listening pleasure even in remote areas. What truly sets the Duronic solar powered torch radio apart is its versatility in charging options. Whether you're on a camping trip, travelling abroad, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this radio has you covered. Utilise solar power for sustainable charging under the sun, conveniently charge via USB when power outlets are available, or opt for the reliable wind-up handle for a sustainable energy source wherever you are. With the Duronic wind up solar radio, stay connected and entertained.

This Apex solar powered torch radio integrates five functions seamlessly into a single device. It boasts a high-quality radio accompanied by two speakers, enhancing your listening experience. Additionally, it showcases a back-lit digital display, allowing easy identification of tuned stations. Furthermore, it incorporates a clock feature for non-radio use, complete with an alarm to awaken you with your preferred radio station. Moreover, serving as a flashlight, it hosts three LED lights for optimal brightness. The Apex also offers the convenience of emergency mobile phone charging via the provided USB cable.

How efficient are solar panels on solar-powered alarm radios in various weather conditions?

Solar panels on solar-powered alarm radios are generally efficient in direct sunlight conditions but their efficiency can decrease in cloudy, rainy, or foggy weather. However, with the Apex solar powered radio, even if the sunlight reduces, the radio can still be charged using the wind up handle or by connecting the radio to the USB.

What are the environmental benefits of using a solar-powered alarm radio compared to traditional electric or battery-powered radios?

Using a solar-powered alarm radio has several environmental benefits compared to traditional electric or battery-powered radios, including reduced dependency on electricity generated from fossil fuels, lowered consumption of disposable batteries which contain harmful chemicals and contribute to toxic waste and increased sustainability overall.

How do the audio quality and volume capabilities of solar-powered alarm radios compare to their non-solar counterparts?

Solar-powered alarm radios typically match their non-solar counterparts in terms of audio quality and volume capabilities. Advances in technology have allowed for high-quality sound components to be included in sustainable designs.

Are solar-powered alarm radios designed to be easily portable for outdoor activities or emergency preparedness kits?

Solar-powered alarm radios are often designed with portability and outdoor use in mind. They tend to be compact, lightweight, and include features like built-in solar panels that make them ideal for outdoor activities or emergency preparedness kits. Solar-powered alarm radios offer a sustainable alternative to traditional radios with many models designed to perform well under various conditions. While their performance can be affected by weather and sunlight exposure, advancements in solar technology and battery efficiency continue to improve their reliability and utility.

Three Way Charging For Increased Versatility

Wind-up using handle 

Experience unparalleled convenience with the wind-up handle charging feature of our radio. Just one minute of cranking provides a 20 minutes of playtime, ensuring continuous entertainment without the need for external power sources. Ideal for emergencies, this reliable charging method ensures you'll never be without music or information when you need it most.

Through solar panel by leaving in the sun

Utilise the sun’s energy with our outdoor radio's solar panel charging function. Although it may take a bit longer, the solar panel continuously charges under sunlight. An indicator light signals ongoing charging, and you can charge the radio while using it, ideal for prolonged outdoor activities or emergencies.

Connect to USB

Charge your radio conveniently via USB, offering versatility and ease. Connect to your phone or PC for effortless charging. A full charge provides an impressive 7 hours of uninterrupted playtime, ensuring continuous entertainment wherever you go. .

Additional Features For Increased Convenience

Bright LED Torch with 3 Bulbs

This LED torch offers consistent brightness without the hassle of battery drainage. With just one minute of winding, it provides 36 minutes of power, making it an essential tool to keep for general use or in the case of emergencies especially during trips or activities in the dark such as camping or hiking. .

Personalised Listening Experience

Easily access your preferred radio stations on both AM and FM bands by rotating the tuning dial. In areas with weak reception, extend the aerial for improved signal quality. For personal listening, there’s a headphone socket featuring a standard 3.5mm size compatible with most headphones, perfect for a personalised listening experience.

Back-lit Digital Display

This solar powered wind up portable radio features a digital display equipped with a built-in blue LCD back-light, facilitating easy operation even in low-light conditions. Using the buttons located on the radio's top, you can select various modes to display a digital clock, alarm time, or the radio frequency.