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60 SHEET ROLLS: This is a pack of 6 replacement rolls consisting of 60 adhesive sheets per roll (a total of 360 adhesive sheets altogether).
COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH DURONIC LINT ROLLERS: These roll refills are for the Duronic ROLL1X2 and ROLL2X4 lint rollers only.
NEVER RUN OUT OF ROLLS: Stock up on replacement rolls so that you are never caught out with an empty lint roller when you need it most.
EASY TO USE: To replace the old roll on your lint roller, gently pull apart the arms of the lint roller handle and remove from the empty roll. Pop out the plastic disks on each end of the empty roll and place them on either end of the new refill roll. Then place the roller handle back onto the roll clicking it into place on either side of the roll.
PACK CONTAINS 6 REFILL ROLLS: Each roll contains 60 sticky sheets, each with easy tear making changing the sheets extra easy. The ROLL6 pack consists six refill rolls – it does not come with any roller handles; these can be purchased separately.

NOTE: due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned for a refund if it has been opened.