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Wide-Slot Toaster TB10

A slice of fresh toast for breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. Now with the TB10 toaster, you can make toast exactly as you like it.

The Duronic TB10 toaster is equipped with a convenient window which allows you to check the browning of your bread to ensure you get it perfect every time. With the extra-long slot, it can hold 2 slices of bread, bagels, waffles, and so much more.

TB10 features

3 Functions

The toaster is equipped with 3 buttons which allow you to choose between the HEAT and DEFROST modes, and also CANCEL the selected programme to stop toasting.

6 Levels of Browning

This toaster has 6 power/browning levels, so you can meet everyone's preferences and also to avoid burning your toast.

2-Way Lever

The side lever is used to operate the toaster and also to raise the contents of the toaster higher to enable you to remove it easier.

Powerful Toasting

Featuring efficient and even toasting, this 1000W toaster lets you whip up a delicious breakfast in no time.

Extra-Long Opening

The extra large and long slot of this toaster allows you to toast and defrost various foods.

Glass Inspection Window

The toaster is equipped with 2 glass plates, to ensure greater protection, and allows you to control the toasting


Cleaning the toaster is very easy to do. The glass can be easily removed for cleaning and the crumb tray can be emptied after each use.

Cable Management

Hidden beneath the toaster is a convenient cable storage compartment to rewind or shorten the cable.