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Digital Kitchen Wall Mounted Scales KS4000 

Follow your favourite recipes with ease with the help of Duronic digital kitchen scales. The KS4000 is a unique wall mounted scale which is ideal for kitchens that are short on space or for cooks who always need their scale at easy reach.

The space-saving design allows the user to flip the glass platform down to use the scale and then flip it back up when they are finished measuring to store it neatly against the wall.

This scale also includes a handy timer function and a digital clock, both of which are useful when you are baking and cooking to keep a check on your recipe timings.

The round clear glass platform can hold any size mixing bowl and can weigh up to 3kg of ingredients at a time. It's easy to remove and clean the platform

Imperial or Metric?

We're all used to measuring one way or the other, and with the ability to change the unit means these scales can suit whoever is using them at the time.

Switching between different units of measurement couldn't be easier, simply touch the unit button to choose between grams (g) or pounds and ounces (lb.oz).


The retractable circle glass platform is 16x16cm in size meaning that it can hold a variety of types of bowls or containers.

At the top of the wall mount is the easy-to-use control panel which has buttons to set the clock, the alarm and to change the unit of measurement.

Choose Between Metric and Imperial 

It's simple to change between units, simply press the unit button to switch between grams or pounds and ounces.

The LED display with large black digits clearly shows the clock and the timer when it is set, as well as the measurements taken when the scale is being used.

Maximum Capacity 

The flat glass weighing platform can weigh up to a maximum of 3kg/6.6lb.

The precision sensors inside the scale ensure that every measurement is accurately measured up 1g.

It also features a low battery indicator and an overweight indicator to let you know when something isn't right.

Other Features 

Powered by 2x AAA batteries, the KS4000 retains power for longer thanks to it's auto-off feature. If left untouched it will automatically switch itself off after 60 seconds.

Installation of the wall mount is easy to do with the fixings provided.

It's ideal for making sweet delicious treats perfectly every time.

Or for calculating your calories and macros if you're following a special diet.

It's highly versatile; you could even use the scales to weigh small packages and letters!

Or measure out the right amount of your pet's food and treats.

Add and Weigh  

The tare function enables you to to use the same bowl for the whole recipe; simply press the tare button between each ingredient to return the scales to zero, enabling you to weigh each new ingredient accurately one after the other.