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HV120 Convector Heater 

Most typically either oil, micathermic or convector fan heaters are used to heat households and other indoor spaces. Convection heaters work differently from the other two kinds because they use a unique method to disperse warm air quickly and evenly around the room. They are typically best at heating rooms individually, so if you want to heat your whole house or office it’s best to get several to spread out around the place.

Inside they have a heating element which, when switched on, warms up and the heat escapes through the vents on the top of the heater. If you switch on the turbo fan as well as the heat, this enables the heat to travel even quicker and spread further still. They are exceptionally effective and as such are a feature in many thousands of households and offices around the world.


Thanks to its customisable heat settings and turbo fan function, this clever heater can be used all year round. In the Spring/Autumn when the weather is cooler and you need just a touch of warmth, you can turn on the lowest setting (750w) to keep the room ambient and comfortable. In the Winter when the weather is at its coldest, you have the choice of all 3 settings (750w/1250w/2000w) to help you achieve the temperature you desire for your room. In the Summer months you can still use the heater just as a fan to blow out cooler air.

It has a built-in thermostat which is a brilliant way to control the overall temperature of the room and to save energy. Simply turn the red knob to the desired level and when the surrounding environment reaches the set temperature the heater will switch into standby mode. When it detects the temperature in the room has dropped again it will automatically turn back on again to warm up the room.

Most importantly, the Duronic HV120 model heater is CE approved so you can be re-assured that it has passed all the safety tests required to ensure that it will be safe to be in your home.

Other features:

Contemporary white/grey finish.
Safety cut-off feature: if the heater becomes overheated it will automatically shut off.
Lightweight design: weighs only 3.2kg.
British Standard (BS) approved UK British 3 pin plug (type G).
1.8m power cable.
220-240v;60Hz UK Spec.
PLEASE NOTE: We advise users to not plug the heater into an extension lead or power adapter as the heater is too powerful for it. Using an extension lead or adapter with this heater is a fire hazard and may cause damage to the heater or the user.

More About the Features:

Variable Heat Settings

Completely versatile, the HV120 can be used all year round thanks to it's adjustable thermostat and fan setting. It be used on 3 different heat settings and can also just be used as a fan for cooling the air.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

You may have a place designated for your heater, or perhaps you want to be able to move it around from room to room. This lightweight heater has been made to be super portable with cool-to-touch handles to make lifting safe and easy to do.

Wall Mount or Free Stand

The beauty of this heater is that it can be wall mounted; because the heat is expelled through the front/top section, the back of the heater is cool enough to be mounted against a wall. This is a great feature if you're short on space or want it elevated out of the reach of pets and children.