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FN40 Pedestal Fan

The Duronic FN40 pedestal fan is especially useful for those who suffer from heat in the office or in a poorly ventilated room. When the summer months arrive being indoors can feel even hotter than being outside, often leaving you feeling overheated and sticky. It can be an inconvenience at work as being uncomfortably hot can be distracting and can affect your concentration. In the home, it can make everyone grumpy, irritable and unproductive. It can even affect your sleep. An electric fan is an essential addition for any household or workplace; at just the touch of a button, it can provide instant and continuous cooling relief to combat indoor heat and make summer days more comfortable.

The FN40 is one of our most popular pedestal fans as it marries together the simplicity of a basic fan with the Duronic's innovative design. It is highly adjustable in height, angle, oscillation and wind speed. The pole can be extended to heighten or lower the fan from anywhere between 120-140cm. Built with strong quality materials, it is held steadily by it's weighted base so that you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

This fan has three wind speed modes to choose from:

[1] slow flow
[2] medium flow
[3] fast flow
And a timer function which allows you to set the fan to switch off automatically at any time between 10 minutes to 50 minutes.

Due to this ability to vary the wind speed it produces, the FN40 is ideal for both large and small rooms as it can help cool air reach every corner effectively and efficiently.

FN40 Features:

Rotating Action

The head rotates around from side to side, left to right, which allows it to distribute cool air over a wider area. It can also be fixed into a stationery position to focus the air flow into one constant direction.

Pedestal Base with Extendable Pole

The pole can be extended to heighten or lower the fan from anywhere between 120-140cm. It's built with strong quality materials and is held steadily on a strong weighted base so you don't have to worry about it tipping over.

Adjustable Tilting Head

The fan head can be tilted by hand either upwards of downwards to make the air flow in the optimal direction for you.

You can choose to have it oscillating round or make it stay stationary by using the toggle on the back of the fan head.

Timer Function

The timer is easy to set; simply turn the timer dial to adjust the timer from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. This function is perfect if you plan to leave the fan on while you fall asleep as you can rest assured it will switch itself off after the set time.

5 Aerodynamic Blades

The FN40 boasts 5 smooth fan blades that slice through the air at a fast speed producing cool air and bring a fresh breeze to your room.

The aerodynamic blades are encapsulated behind a mesh grill which prevents children or pets from risk of injury.

3 Speeds to Choose From

The FN40 model gives you the ability to choose between 3 wind speed modes: low, medium or high. By pressing button [1] or [2] or [3] you can alter the speed of the breeze created, enabling you to tailor it to suit your preference. Press [0] to stop the fan and turn the power off.