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GM50 /WE 3-Ply Face Masks [PACK OF 50] [WHITE]

Perfect for Everyday Use

Stay safe and protected with the Duronic GM50 medical-grade face masks. Ideal for everyday use, these masks are perfect for trips to the shops, commuting, travelling, at work or even visiting family and friends.

These disposable masks have been designed to be comfortable enough to wear throughout the whole day. They are made of soft materials with stretchy elastic ear loops which effectively hold the mask in place on your face.

Effective Protection

Wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of harmful particles reaching you, but most importantly, if you do have a cold or virus it will prevent you from spreading the germs to other people. These masks will effectively filter the air to prevent harmful bacteria and particles from infiltrating it.

Medically Certified

The Duronic GM50 disposable surgical face masks have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet all of the standards necessary to provide maximum protection to the wearer and those around them from the spread of harmful particles.

Our face masks:

Are EN14683: 2019 Type II Medical Grade
Passed TUV tests with 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency
Passed the Deferential Pressure Test
Passed the Microbial Cleanliness Test
Manufactured in Sterile Conditions

All of our face masks are made in sterile conditions, ensuring that the utmost care is taken throughout the whole manufacturing process. In addition, this set of 50 comes completely sealed in a packet to give you complete peace of mind.

Stops Germ Transmission 

These white face masks are perfect for those who need protection in dusty or dirty environments to protect the throat and lungs from harmful particles in the air.

Strong Disposable Design 

The GM50 masks are made with soft durable materials to ensure they are comfortable to wear and have elastic ear loops to hold the mask securely in place.

Anti-Dust and Water Resistant

Three layers of protective material filters out dust and any moist particles that come into contact with it.

Breathable Fabric 

The material used is highly protective, while at the same time breathable and anti-mist which is a big help for those who wear glasses!

Along the top edge of the mask is a wire which can be pinched and moulded to the shape of your nose.

** Please dispose of your masks responsibly. These masks are not recyclable. Please dispose of them with normal household waste.**