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HIGH FILTRATION EFFICIENCY: The FFP3 face mask offer the highest level of respiratory protection against fine dust, oil and water-based mists, metal fumes and other harmful particles. In addition, these masks are highly effective at protecting against harmful bacteria.

OFFERING THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PROTECTION: FFP3 fine dust masks can block out substantially higher concentrations of harmful particles than FFP1 and FFP2 masks. This mask provides better protection than a standard surgical mask, as it is made with synthetic fibre which acts as a filter to stop smaller particles from passing through it.

COMFORTABLE VALVED DESIGN: The shape has been designed to fit comfortably on all faces and has a rubber seal around the outside to ensure a close fit. The fitted valve allows air to be let out of the mask which makes it less sweaty and stuffy. This can make it more breathable and comfortable to wear compared to some other face masks and coverings.

USE FOR A VARIETY OF USES: The FFP3 respirator fine dust masks are ideal for use in areas of construction, for instance, when plastering, tiling, insulating a loft, tunnelling or demolition. It also offers protection against airborne particles and harmful bacteria. 

SPECIFICATIONS: Class: FFP3. Filtration Efficiency to FFP3 Standard EN149:2001 + A1:2009. Maximum permitted total inward leakage: 2%. Maximum permitted filter penetration: 1. Minimum filter efficiency: 99%. Nominal Protection Factor: 50. Assigned Protection Factor: 20.