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Electric Micathermic Heater HV101 

The Duronic HV101 heater uses micathermic technology to permeate a consistent blanket of heat into the surrounding room warming up everything and everyone around it.

Micathermic heaters are designed differently to convector and gas heaters due to the mica panel components inside. These panels do an incredible job at conducting heat and, thanks to their natural insulating properties, they make the HV101 one of the safest heaters to own.

A major benefit to having a mica heater like the HV101 is that it doesn’t just blow heat in one direction alone, instead, it exudes heat in every direction from the heater warming up the room faster and more efficiently. From the moment it is switched on, this heater takes only 1 minute to heat up to full temperature and thereby starts to warm the surrounding space very quickly.

Mica panel heaters are also more hygienic than fan heaters because they do not blow out air. With convection heaters, the air is blown around the room spreading dust, allergens and bacteria – all of which can cause irritation or be harmful to the respiratory system. In contrast, micathermic heaters keep the air humidified and do not spread harmful particles. The HV101 is, therefore, a better choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or a respiratory condition.


3 Heat Settings: Customise your heater to achieve the level of heat that is right for you. The heat settings can be adjusted with the red buttons: [ I ] switches on 1kW -- [ II ] switches on 1.5kW -- [ I ] & [ II ] together emit the full 2.5kW.
Anti-Frost Function: Selecting the snowflake on the thermostat dial allows the heater to keep the room above freezing point.
Thermostat Control: The thermostat is adjustable from 18°-36° to suit your personal preference. When the thermostat detects that the room’s temperature is within +/-2°c of your setting, it will switch off the radiator to save energy. Then when it detects the temperature has fallen it will automatically switch back on and heat the room up again.
Silent Running: The HV101 has no moving parts (i.e. a motor or fan) which means it runs silently, therefore it is ideal for bedrooms and around the home.
Easy to move: To move simply lift the heater using the handle, wheel across the floor and set down again in the safe knowledge the feet will prevent it rolling any further. Alternatively, you can use the cool-to-touch handles to lift the lightweight heater and carry it into another room.
Protective Insulation: The mica panels act as an electrical insulator which protect from electric shocks and electrical fires.
Protective Grills: Safety is our priority. Protective mesh grills cover the mica panels and heating element. These make the unit cooler to touch to prevent accidentally burning yourself and is an especially useful safeguard around children and pets.
Over-heat Protection: If the heater is covered or begins to overheat in an unsafe way, the built-in safety device will sense when something is wrong and automatically shut down.
Tip-Over Protection: If the heater is accidentally knocked over or laid on its side, it will automatically switch off.
Cable Management System: Incorporated on the front of the radiator is a hook for you to wind up the cord when not in use, thereby keeping things tidy and making the heater easier to move if you need to.

HV101 features

Oil-Free Mica Heating

All of our mica panel heaters are oil-free which means they are naturally much safer to use than oil-filled radiators.

They are also the superior option in comparison to convector heaters due to the added energy efficiency and health benefits the mica panels promote.

Useful Cable Tidy

This radiator has a cable management hook on the front of the heater which allows you to store the wire tidily when not in use.

It's fitted with a 1.5m power cable with British Standard (BS) approved plugs.

Adjustable Temperature

The HV101 heater has an adjustable thermostat dial which allows you to control the temperature of the room. It can be set to anywhere from 18°-36°c and also has a anti-frost function.

It has adjustable heat settings that enable you to select 3 different levels of heat: 1kW / 1.5kW / 2.5kW.

Lightweight Design

The HV101 electric heater is lightweight and easy to move. In addition to this it has wheels on one end, so provides an alternative way to relocate it if you cannot lift it for any reason.


The compact size of this mica heater makes it ideal for any home or office.

The feet are wider to ensure the heater has optimal stability.

Safety Precaution

Do not ever cover your heater with anything as this can create a fire risk. Always ensure that there is nothing covering the top or positioned too close to the sides of the heater.

Duronic has 6 different micathermic heaters with various power capabilities and different features on each. The HV051 is a mini heater with 1500W power which is sufficient enough for small rooms or for having two in a larger room. The HV101 and HV102 are both more powerful at 2500W so can heat up a larger space more quickly. The HV220 is a compromise between them all, with sufficient power of 2000W.

Mica panel heaters emit heat in every direction so they cannot go directly up against a wall. If you require a heater to fit near or on the wall itself, please see our convection heater HV120.

PLEASE NOTE: We advise users to not plug the heater into an extension lead or multi-plug power adapter as the heater is too powerful for it. Using an extension lead or adapter with this heater is a fire hazard and may cause damage to the heater or the user. Always plug a heater directly into a mains socket.