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AF1/B Air Fryer  [BLACK]

Enjoy all your favourite fried foods without feeling guilty!

Deep fat-fried foods such as battered fish, chips and doughnuts are tasty and notoriously tempting. Whilst they cook fast and taste great they are high in calories and fat which, makes them bad for your health when eaten often. If you are a fried food lover, do not despair; there is a healthier way to enjoy your favourite fried dishes.

Say hello to the latest cooking craze: the revolutionary air fryer.

Using an air fryer is a healthier alternative to deep fat frying and makes eating healthy easier to accomplish daily. The air fried food tastes the same but has 80% less fat than if cooked in oil.

Using the latest hot air circulation technology, it works by circulating the heat quickly around the basket allowing the food to cook in its own natural oils and juices. Any excess oil/juice is drained through the basket into the tray, ensuring that the food is cooked in the healthiest way possible.


Best known for its ability to cook food with only a fraction of oil compared to a deep fat fryer (or none at all!), the AF1 boasts other benefits and features to impress even the most novice cook.

- it cooks food with up to 80% less fat
- it can fry/roast/steam food quicker than a standard cooker
- all oil extracted during the cooking process is contained within the cooking drawer, so cleaning up afterwards takes no time at all
- five different methods of cooking: air fry / roast / reheat / steam / dehydrate 

AF1 Features

80% Less Fat than Conventional Fryers  

A great help for those who want to follow a healthier diet. With the AF1 air fryer you can fry food with just a small spray of cooking oil and still get a crispy result that deep-fat frying brings, but with an astounding 80% less fat!

It's exceedingly better for your health and doesn't compromise on taste or presentation.

Easy to Use Dials  

Start cooking your food in seconds with the easy-to-use operating system. Simply select your temperature (from 80˚C-200˚C) and set the timer. Then sit back and relax while your food cooks away with no fear of spilling or causing a mess anywhere .

Removable Parts for Easy Cleaning  

After use, both the tray and the cooking basket can be removed for easy cleaning. These can be hand washed in warm soapy water or, if you want to give them a deeper clean, they can be popped in the dishwasher after soaking too.

Scrumptious Starters and Sides  

Create healthy snacks, sides and starters quickly and easily. Using little or no oil to make them, you can enjoy these tasty guilt-free starters to share with friends or even by yourself snuggled up on a Saturday night.

Why not try making nachos, chicken wings, courgette fritters, potato wedges, cheese melts or even a portion of vegetable fries.

Mouth-watering Main Courses  

The AF1 air fryer can cook an array of different meals. From pies, quiches and pasties, to roast chicken or fillets of fish. Cook up a storm by creating family favourites; try meatballs with roasted vegetables, or have a go at making a traditional British favourite: fish and chips.

Why not try air frying broccoli and cauliflower to transform underrated vegetables into new favourites around the table...

Delicious Desserts  

Believe it or not, you can even prepare desserts in this air fryer. A whole array of delectable low-fat treats can be made easily and perfectly in the AF1 air fryer; from chocolate fondants, fruit crumbles and strudels, to crispy donuts and churros. Serve an air-fried dessert at your next dinner party and you'll have people asking what your secret recipe is!

Hot Air Circulation  

The AF1 air fryer uses a powerful 1500 watts to cook your food. Using advanced hot air circulation it distributes the heat under and around the food quickly and effectively.

Being contained in the sealed cooking chamber allows the food to cook much quicker than a conventional oven and locks in all the flavour. In addition to this, any splatters or splashes are contained so there is no mess to clean up afterwards.

4.5 Litre Capacity  

Cook enough for the whole family with the generously sized cooking tray and mesh frying basket.

Made with a high-quality non-stick coating, the mesh basket is essential in helping the hot air circulate around the food and inside, and it also allows any juices to drain away. The cooking tray collects any fats and juices from the food which can then be disposed of after cooking has finished.

Free Recipe Book Included  

The internet is filled with new air fryer recipes to guide you on your way, so you’d have to try hard to fail at cooking with this simple and easy to use mini oven. To make getting to know your air fryer even easier, we have included a free recipe book to get you started.

Using our easy to follow recipe book, you'll confident in using your air fryer in no time at all!