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An Egg-ceptional Guide to using your Egg Boiler!

Whether you’re looking for soft-boiled, medium or hard-boiled eggs (or even omelettes!), we've got you covered.


Ideal for Eggs Benedict, avocado toast, or dipping. Set the dial to the lower setting for soft-boiled eggs with a runny yolk.


Perfect for salads, rice bowls, or devilled eggs. Use the middle setting for a medium-cooked egg, offering a balance between soft and hard.


Suitable for sandwiches, salads, or as a snack. The third option on the dial delivers hard-boiled eggs with a firm texture, easy to slice and versatile in use.


Make omelettes with ease with the toppings you love, using our Omelette Tray!

Welcoming Your New Kitchen Companion

Egg Boilers have revolutionised breakfast routines and meal preps, offering a convenient and efficient way to cook eggs. Our Egg Boiler stands out as a versatile kitchen appliance, capable of cooking up to 7 eggs at a time! This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of using it, ensuring you get the most out of this handy device.  

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Boiling Eggs: Simplified

   1. Piercing the Eggs: Use the pin found on the bottom of the measuring cup to pierce the larger side of each egg. This simple step prevents the shells from cracking and makes peeling easier later on.

   2. Measuring the Water: Fill the provided measuring cup with water to the level corresponding to your desired egg consistency. Pour this into the egg boiler's water tank.

     3. Setting Up: Adjust the dial to your preferred level of hardness - soft, medium or hard. Place the eggs in the basket and cover with the lid.

    4. Cooking: Turn on the boiler. The eggs will cook until they reach your selected firmness. The machine will beep an alarm and automatically switch off once the cooking is complete.

The omelette tray's our ace-in-the-hole; simply pour water into the boiler, crack your egg over the tray and add your toppings, then adjust the dial for your desired consistency! 

Click the image below to check out our tikTok for more egg recipes using our egg boiler!